Workshop on Towards People-centric IoT Ecosystems

Thursday 14 December 2017

Workshop on Towards People-centric IoT Ecosystems University of Calabria, DIMES, Sala Seminari, Cubo 42C, 5th Floor 87036 Rende (CS) December,14 2017

The workshop is partially supported by Sensyscal S.r.l.

9.00 - 9.30 Opening and Institutional Greetings. Prof. S. Greco (Direttore DIMES), Prof. S. Flesca (Pres. CdL Ing. Informatica), Prof. P. Corsonello (Pres. CdL Ing. Elettronica)

9.30 - 10.00 Workshop Organization. Towards People-centric IoT Ecosystems. Prof. G. Fortino (Workshop Chair)

10.00 - 11.00 Research Session I

  • Semantic based matchmaking of IoT APIs for IoT portability and interoperability. Prof. B. Di Martino (Univ. della Campania)
  • IoT Ecosystems for Wide-Area Monitoring and Surveillance Applications. Proff. C. Santoro and F. Messina (Univ. di Catania) *on-line*
  • MicroGrids and IoT. Prof.ssa M.P. Fanti (Politecnico di Bari) *on-line*
  • The Osmotic Computing Paradigm. Prof. M. Villari (Univ. di Messina)
  • Heterogenous SoC for IoT. Prof. P. Corsonello (Univ. della Calabria)
  • Smart Water Management. Prof.ssa P. Piro (Univ. della Calabria)
11.00 - 11.30 Coffee Break

11.30 - 12.30 Industrial Session I
  • IoT Enabling Technological Layer for New Solutions and Business Models. Dott. G. Scarpelli (NTT Data)
  • Omnia Genius: an IoT Solution for Reduction of Energetic Costs in LowVoltage. Ing. V. D'Agostino (Omnia Energia)
  • IoT Services and Cloud for Cyberphysical Revolution: Industry 4.0. Ing. F. Cavallaro (TIM)
  • IoT Platform for Smart Services Provision. Dott.ssa A. Marsico and Dott. L. D'Andrea (Digimat S.r.l.)
  • IoT applied to cognitive proximity marketing. Ing. A. Zottola (ITHEA) *on-line*
  • IoT and Wearable Computing. Ing. R. Gravina (SenSysCal)
12.30 - 13.30 Student Demo Session
  • Smart Bridge. A. Ilinca, A. Froio, A. Sergio, S. Perrotta
  • Smart Vase. V. Porto, R. Grutteria, V. Saffioti
  • Smart Home. L. de Caro, M. de Stefano
  • Smart Glasses. F. Scala, D. Madonna
  • Smart Wheelchair. Q. Li
  • iTennis. C. Brunetti
13.30 - 14.00 Light Lunch

14.00 - 15.00 Industrial Session II
  • Huawei & Innovation. Ing. V. Strangis (HuaWei Technologies)
  • The IoT Challenge: Why a single platform is not enough to win the challengeDott. M. Prisco (Fair Wind Digital)
  • UX challenges in the IoT World. Dott. S. Sangineto (500 Startups) *on-line*
  • Reasoning on Smart Device and IoT. Ing. G. Labocetta (DLV Systems)
  • Design and Implementation of Gamefication Platforms. Ing. A. Mendicelli (Artemàt)
  • Hybrid Clouds and IoT. Ing. C. Mastroianni (Eco4Cloud)
15.00 - 16.00 International Networking *on-line*
  • Data Science for IoT. Prof. A. Liotta (Univ. of Derby, UK)
  • IoT for Urban Informatics. Prof. M. Ghandehari (New York University, USA)
  • The INTER-IoT Project. Prof. C. Palau (Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, Spain)
  • TSP Service Architecture Lab research on IoT. Prof. N. Crespi (Institute Mines-Telecom, France)
  • IoT Applications on Mobile Healthcare. Prof. W. Li (Wuhan Univ. of Technology, China)
16.00 - 16.30 Coffee Break

16.30 - 17.30 Research Session II
  • Aggregate Computing and IoT. Prof. M.Viroli (Univ. di Bologna) *on-line*
  • Cognitive Edge Computing. Prof. G. Spezzano (ICAR-CNR, Rende)
  • Trust issues in IoT environments. Prof. G. Sarnè (Univ. di Reggio Calabria)
  • IoT Security: New Challenges. Ing P. Pace (Univ. della Calabria)
  • IoT applications for life style and wellness: experiences and perspectives. Prof. P. Veltri (Univ. di Catanzaro)
17.30 - 18.00 Round Table (Industry, Research, Applications) coordinated by Prof. G. Fortino

18.00 - 18.05 Closing Prof. G. Fortino